It is common practice in physics and engineering curriculum
to conceptually treat electricity and currents as a fluid, and
this series pushes the analogy to
a logical extreme.  The
Water World series is intended to depict a place in the
universe where electricity
literally is in the form of water, and
requires the usual pumps, valves and pipes to channel the
liquid to where is it used.  The artworks consist of various
household items that differ from our own only in the
power source they utilize and their manner of connection,
often to what
looks like a just an ordinary water tap.  The
artworks are fully functional and are intended to be operated
by visitors, such as the water lamp in which the light intensity
is smoothly controlled by a prominent gate valve in the stem.

The gallery photos on the right show the relative size of these
works, and are linked to additional photos and information.  

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Water Lamp
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