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The "Fragmentations" series of artworks presently consists of 29
mixed-media wall sculptures composed of disintegrated, exploded, or
dispersed found objects mounted on canvas-covered wood panels.

I seek to strikingly represent human emotions, behaviors and social
situations such as musical exuberance, athletic enthusiasm, and
acquisitiveness, and do so in a manner that provokes and challenges the
viewer with Gestalt-like shifts in attitudes and interpretations that move
between disdain and recoil at the sight of apparent violence, destruction,
and explosions, to acceptance, agreement, and even delight at the
positive themes the artworks are intended to represent.

The basic materials include rescued and re-purposed musical
instruments, sports equipment, personal accessories, small electronic
appliances, and toys. These items are fragmented, dissected, modified
and then re-composed into an exploded or dispersed arrangement, with
additional amplification of visual drama attained by ignoring, modifying, or
completely re-inventing the normal and expected natural laws of physics
and causality.

I have lived in Colorado for 33 years and have been an artist since 2011
after gradually retiring from professional technical careers in metallurgical
engineering, computer science, instrumentation design, and robotics.
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